Raji Menon

About Raji Menon,
Physician’s Life Coach

Ontario, Ottowa, Canada – Physician’s Life Coach, Raji Menon, helps physicians, doctors and healthcare professionals deal with stress and prevent burnout in their practice. 

When my family doctor gave me a simple questionnaire for diagnosing depression, and I answered ‘yes’ to almost every question, I realised the gravity of my situation.

Until then, the idea that I was depressed never occurred to me. I was simply unhappy and with all the stresses involved in being a General Surgeon and a mother.I dreaded mornings, absolutely hating the thought of going to work. When I did go into work, I performed well, but with no real pleasure.

Armed with this new awareness, I started to do a lot of work on myself, enlisted all the support I could (which was little, except on the internet), and did a lot of self-reflection.

Ultimately, I worked my way out of this situation and today, as a professionally certified coach, I support other physicians and health professionals in doing the same. Since I came across a book by Dale Carnegie at the age of 12, I have been interested in personality development and human behaviour and I’m delighted to be in service to others wanting to live a fully and happy life serving others.

At home in Cornwall, near Ottawa Canda, Raji , her husband, two daughters and puppy, love quiet togetherness with family time, besides their travels, during school breaks. Raji continues to manage her own full-time surgical practice while coaching healthcare professionals to happier work/family lives, and coaching 9 to 14 year old kids, on the FLL Robotics team, ‘Cornwall Raging Robots’.

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