Is this you?

Is this You?

Are you a busy physician (or other healthcare professional)  heading for burnout?

Do you feel stuck in a job that is not as fun any more?
Do you dream of writing a book/playing music again/traveling/socializing more/… but “don’t have time” or  think you will, “when I retire”?
Do you find you don’t have enough time for family?
Do you feel that you are unable to really make a positive impact on the health care system, etc.?
Do you feel that age is catching up, and you would like to get healthier, but have no time for exercise/relaxation?

Or, are you a resident or new physician who wants to build a great career?

Are you overwhelmed, with the responsibilities you see in practice?
Are you exhausted from all the work you did during training?
Are you feeling lost, due to a lack of knowledge on financial/administrative/managerial matters?

Still Not Sure?

Would you just like to talk to an understanding, non-judgmental physician in confidence?

Would you like to explore the idea of getting some personal support?

I work best with clients who have these qualities:

Not all physicians are ideal for me to help. The ones who possess the following traits get the most from my coaching:

  • Really, really, really want to make change. They have it really tough and if they continue on their current path for the next five to ten years, they will have a nervous breakdown.
  • Are open to new approaches. Are willing to try things differently. If you want different results, you have to try new things. My best clients realize the fastest success because they are are open to new ideas.
  • Feel that things are going well now, but are keenly aware that if they don’t work on it now, Burnout can creep up on them. They believe in burnout prevention and mental health promotion.

How Coaching Works

My clients want change. They want results. They want a sense of control. Clearly, they are motivated, and willing to do what it takes. Specifically, they want:

  • To have more control on their lives and their time
  • To be able to manage stress better and avoid burnout
  • To have more balance in their lives
  • To be able to manage the stresses of life (which are inevitable) better

What I do

I work with healthcare professionals. I am a physician. I know your life – the pains, the fears and the dreams. I have been through a lot of it myself – and was left to my own devices. I have compassion. I do not judge. I also have a growing toolkit of tricks that will speed you along to success faster. Most importantly, I protect your confidentiality.

The basics of working together are simple and I will tell you more about them in person. For now, it suffices to know that we have regular coaching phone calls, weekly action steps that you choose, at the core of our working together. In between, I support you by email.

Next: Success Stories

Now that you know about what I do, who I work with and how coaching works, take the next step and read success stories about people I’ve helped.

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